Have tools, will travel.

Paul Lissette (aka; Kiwi) I was born in New Zealand and raised on a farm next to a national park. My first mountain bike, with its fat tyres and numerous gears, raised the eyebrows of my neighbors in 1984. After graduating high school, I completed a 4-year carpentry apprenticeship, setting the stage to travel with a trade in my back pocket.

In 1993, I moved to Portland Oregon and immersed myself into a cycling lifestyle and culture. For the next 7 years, I raced bikes competitively, worked for a cutting edge bike company, and participated in volunteer trail work.

In 2001, I moved to Bend to pursue outdoor recreation.  I have been active with COTA from trail building and maintenance to advocacy and fundraising. From my previous job as a general contractor, in 2009, it was a natural transition to paid trail jobs. I started my new path with the Wanoga Infield Kiosk and Pump track for COTA.

In 2011, I moved back to New Zealand for 2 years to work as a trail coordinator and Assistant Ranger at the ‘TECT All Terrain Park’. During my time at the TECT Park, I assisted with the park layout, designed and constructed trails, worked with volunteer user groups, created maps, erected kiosks, and built trailhead faculties.

Upon moving back to Bend, I founded Dirt Mechanics LLC. For the past two summers I built trail at the Mt Bachelor Bike Park. During my time at Mt. Bachelor, I bought my own 1.5-ton mini-excavator. My highlight for 2014, was to team up with T-Burg to design and build phase 1 of the Spence mountain trail system for Klamath Trails Alliance in Klamath Falls. 


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